Oncoral Pharma ApS

Oncoral Pharma ApS

Oncoral Pharma ApS was formed in 2013 as a spin-out of Solural Pharma. Oncoral Pharma was acquired by Ascelia Pharma AB on June 30 th 2017.

Oncoral Pharma has developed a unique proprietary tablet formulation of irinotecan a chemotherapeutic today only available as an intravenous infusion product. This new Irinotecan tablet has in dogs demonstrated to be consistently absorbed and have less side effects than normal intravenous dosing. The oral drug is taken as small daily doses.

The irinotecan tablet has completed the first phase 1 Human Clinical Study at Herlev Hospital, where the maximal tolerated dose was determined as monotherapy. Currently a clinical trial with a combination of the irinotecan tablet with the commercial available oral based chemotherapy Capecitabine is underway at Herlev Hospital with Professor Dorte Nielsen as principal investigator.

Ascelia Pharma intend to administer the Irinotecan tablet in advanced gastric cancer in combination with other anti-cancer treatments.

Solural Pharma will continue to support Ascelia Pharma with CMC and Pharmaceutical Development support.